Monday, October 8, 2012

Rajput Princess with Gemstone Ornamentation

The painting represents the image of a Rajput Princess at her ornamental best admiring her reflection in a mirror.

The painting has been studded with multi-colored stones that represents the gemstones of the ornaments worn by the princess. Solvent based glass paints have been used for the painting.

Fabric glue has been used to fix the stones.

The piece of glass is fixed in an oval shaped metal frame. The frame has been colored maroon and decorated with golden foiled d├ęcors to match with the painting.

The following images shows the detailed decorations of the painting and the mixing and shading of the different shades of paints.

The relief works on the golden borders has been done using metallic gold glass liner.


  1. awesome check this awesome art blog:

  2. Awesome color combination n jwellary

  3. you have used those metallic beads front side so doesnt it falls after some years???


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