Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glass Painting Tips N Tricks #1: Bubbles

A beautiful Glass Painting is said to be flawless if and only if it does not contain any dried up bubble mark.

Bubbles are one of the most disturbing elements in the process of making a Glass Painting. Avoiding them is very much difficult; but reducing or eliminating them is possible by following a few precautions.

When the glass color is poured out of the container into a piece of glass, it is often found that a few air bubbles have been trapped amidst the colored area.

If no action is taken at this stage, then upon drying, these bubbles burst, leaving a colorless spot in the area; which is almost unrepairable then.

There are actually no remedies to prevent the formation of these bubbles. Yet there are some precautions that, if followed, may reduce the number of bubbles formed.
  • Never shake the container of the glass color just before use.
  • If, by mistake/accident the container has been jerked/dropped then keep the container aside and let the color settle down for a couple of hours. 
  • If the bubbles appear; pierce them immediately with a pin or any pointed object like needle or toothpick. 
  • Sometimes when the color layer is thick, the bubbles often won't burst with a pin. In that case, allow the color to semi dry (for about 5-15 mins) and then try to burst the bubbles.


  1. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing nice ideas. I was actually looking for some easy-to-do glass painting designs for clear jars and this just gave me an idea. Thanks1

    Cheers xxx

  2. I tried baking my frame glass at 350° for 15 minutes with no success in getting the bubbles out. Only the part of the glass that has bubbles is the part I painted with white matte acrylic paint. What should I do?


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