Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amul Kool Bottle Glass Painted

The use of transparent glass paints suit these bottles very much due to the bottle's transparent nature. Here the combination of bronze and blue transform the bottle into an elegant piece.

Here bronze glass liner has been used to ouline the flower motif onto the bottle and shades of blue has been used to color the patterns.

Since glass paints are liquid in nature, it is a bit difficult process to color these as the bottle surface is not plain.

The portion being colored is to be held horizontally and the bottle need not be moved until the applied color is completely dry.

The image below shows the bottle being used as a flower stand and decorated with matching transparent flowers.


  1. hey...its beautiful...i had made one from amul kool bottle too..something similar.

    but yours is beautiful :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the praises....would love to see your creation as well....

      Please check out our website @ or connect with our facebook page @ for more similar updates....

  2. Hello,

    What beautiful work! Cannot stop staring at it. :) Same design on a large plain glass bowl would make a lovely gift!

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