Saturday, July 14, 2012

Indian Princess - Glass Painting by CristalArt

The glass painting depicts the image of an Indian Princess embroidered with bright ornamental decoration.

The painting has been done on frosted glass using glass colors and liners.
Fine liners and metallic glass liners has been used for the ornamental decoration.

The detailed description of the painting are stated below :

Framed Size : 14" x 19" (approx.)
Glass Size : 12" x 17" (approx.)
Colors Used : Glass Colors, Glass Liners, Fine Liners
Major Shades : Purple, Golden Yellow, Gold
Glass Type : Frosted (thickness : 3mm)
Frame : 1" Brown Fiber Frame
Background : Clear
Special Feature : Includes metallic ornamental decoration
Weight : 1200 gm. (approx.)

For more images and pricing, CLICK HERE

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