Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oldest Stained Glass at Augsburg Cathedral, Germany

Some of the earliest known examples of coloured window glass, datable to 800–820, were recovered in excavations at the Abbey of San Vicenzo in Volturno, Italy. 
Glass of the same colour ranges and similar date is also found in England, at the monastic sites of Jarrow and Monkwearmouth, and at other sites in the north of England.
These examples are not painted. However it was not until the advent of the monumental cathedral and church building campaigns in the eleventh and 12th centuries that the demand for coloured glass began to increase significantly, reaching its highest level in the fourteenth and 15th centuries. 

The oldest surviving stained glass windows still in situ are thought to be the Prophet Windows in Augsburg Cathedral, of 1065.

Augsburg Cathedral, Bavaria, Germany is an 11th century Romanesque cathedral. It contains many notable artworks, including the oldest stained glass windows.

Augsburg Cathedral, Bavaria, Germany

The south clerestory contains the oldest stained glass windows: portraits of the prophets Jonah, Daniel, Hosea, Moses and David from the late 11th or early 12th century.

                                         Prophet Jonah                                               Prophet Daniel

                                     Prophet Hosea                                                           Moses

King David

The southern aisles houses more recent medieval stained glass windows (1330–1340), with stories of the Virgin Mary.

Detail of south transept stained glass window depicting the Virgin Mary as the Throne of Solomon

Detail of south transept stained glass window depicting the Virgin Mary as the Throne of Solomon



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