Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coffee Painting Steps Explained

CristalArt introduces the steps to be followed to create an effective Coffee Painting on glass.

The final outcome of this painting not only comforts the eye by its shine but also produces a soothing aroma.

Step 1 : Coffee Painting outline. The outline of the image (here King Tutankhamun) is drawn on a 3mm frosted glass using Bronze Glass Liner. Black Glass Liner has been used for the eyes and eyebrows only.

Step 2 : (Optional) A metallic silver paint has been applied to the portions where a lighter shaded effect is to be produced.

Step 3 : Application of Coffee is started using paint brush. Less coffee with water is applied to generate a lighter shade to the portions covered with the silver paint. 

Step 4 : Darker shade of coffee is applied to the remaining portions of the painting.

Step 5 : Facial shades are applied as shown using a medium shade of coffee applied with paint brush.

Step 6 : The facial structure is completed. The lower portion of the mask is decorated using Bronze and Brown Glass Liners to match the effect of the entire coffee painting.

Step 7 : The background is decorated with a curtain as shown. After the painting is dried for at least 24 hours or so, a lacquer is applied. Here we have used Asian Paints Touchwood as the lacquer.

Step 8 : The glass is framed with a 1" Brown Fibre Frame.

For more enlarged images of the final painting, visit HERE.

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