Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Traditional Indian Girl Posing in a Brown Dress

These days glass painting merely signifies painting colorful designs and images onto glass window and/or door panels. 

Moreover, the idea of glass painting can also be diversified into painting portraits, figures, scenery and landscapes just like traditional painting methods but using glass paints instead.

CristalArt has been trying to implement this idea through various classification of paintings by using glass as the canvas and glass paints as the medium and hang them onto the wall just like other traditional paintings or use them as decor pieces.

The image below depicts the sample of such a painting by CristalArt. This painting has been done on glass using glass colors and glass liners as the media. The various shades of glass colors has been applied to fill the base and the liners used to outline and decorate the image.

The painting has been hanged onto the wall by binding it with a matching golden fiber frame. Therefore the painting can be easily treated as a piece of wall decor.

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