Thursday, August 30, 2012

Glass Wall Clock for Home Decor

Wall clocks are not just meant to be used to keep track of time. Instead, they have become a statement of personal style and taste.

A handmade glass wall clock enhances the beauty of the wall where it is hanged. Moreover the clock can be customized by shape, size and design according to the decor and the color of the room.

Creating a wall clock on a piece of glass is not that difficult. All required is a piece of glass of any shape as per choice and a clock kit (containing the clock machine and the hands).

The glass need to be drilled at the centre for fixing the machine. The finished clock can be fixed on the wall by means of glass studs.

The glass can be decorated and designed with an image as per choice and painted using glass colors or acrylic colors. If acrylic colors are used, a coat of varnish should be used for the protection of the colors as well as for extra shine.

The images represent a glass wall clock created by CristalArt using maroon, black and gold acrylic colors. Matching colored stones have been used to decorate the design motif. Glass  studs have been used to fix the clock on the wall in such a way as to represent the four quarter hands.

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