Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tips for improving Glass Painting Designs

Creating a simple glass painting design is quite an easy task. But creating a quality glass painting design involves a lot of planning and precautionary measures. There are in-numerous tips and tricks for guidance through the entire process of creating a glass painting design. 

The major planning ideas include :

  • Eliminating Bubbles : A beautiful Glass Painting is said to be flawless if and only if it does not contain any dried up bubble mark. Precautionary steps will help to reduce or eliminate the number of bubble spots in a Glass Painting. For more details on this, CLICK HERE.
  • Proper Drying : This is the most crucial stage in the entire process of designing a glass painting. For more details on how to reinforce proper drying, VISIT HERE.

  • Mixing of Glass PaintsIt takes a lot of patience and hardship to achieve proper mixing of different shades of glass paints. For more detailed information, CLICK HERE. 

  • Levelling the Glass : This is a precautionary procedure that can be obtained by either leveling the surface or the glass itself.  For more information on how to achieve proper leveling, SEE THIS.

  • Preparing the Media : Preparation before creating a Glass Painting is equally necessary not only for achieving a better result but also for obtaining a better satisfaction.  For more guidance, SEE HERE.

  • Decorating the Painting : There are a numerous ways to enhance the beauty of a glass painting design. For more information on all the criteria, VIEW THIS.

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