Monday, September 3, 2012

Painting of a Girl on Glass Bottle

The painting of an Indian woman posing in a traditional dress has been reflected in a small glass bottle using vibrant glass colors and liners.

Metallic golden and silver shades has been used to enhance the embroidery works of the image. The minute detailed works has been incorporated using pins.

Bottle painting in its sphere is not only attractive in its form but is also an Eco friendly project.

Reuse of thrown away bottles can help in many ways save the environment.

A painted bottle can simply be used as an home decor just by itself or by associating an utility out of it by making it a pen stand or a flower vase.

A glass bottle being a small shiny object makes a glistening canvas for glass painting. The minute detailed works on it make it an extraordinary piece of art.

To enhance the beauty of a glass painting, it can be enlighten with a light bulb placed inside.

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