Thursday, January 10, 2013

Floral Pattern Glass Painting on Bottle

A maroon-red flower motif has been spread out throughout this transparent glass bottle with green leafy patterns incorporated in between. The outlines have been drawn in gold.

Various shades transparent glass paints of red and pink including maroon, magenta, rose and peach have been used for the flower motifs.

Due to the transparent nature of the bottle itself the colored design from the other side is reflected through the front.

The images below shows three such sides of the same bottle.

The diagram below depicts the transformation of the original bottle.

Since this technique includes the reuse of thrown away products, this decor piece can be considered as a part of the 'Go Green' movement to save the environment by reducing waste products.


  1. Hi..The design looks beautiful. Which liner and glass color did you use? Is this Fevicryl?

    1. Thanks a lot for your appreciative comment. Here the liners used are Camel’s water based Glass Liner and Cone Liner and the glass colors used are solvent based Sapphire’s glass stains.


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