Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Red-Green-Blue Themed Bottle Painting Decors

This article is related to little bottles painted as decor pieces. Empty acrylic paint bottles have been reused as colorful objects and hanged or placed at suitable places.

Here a red, blue and green themed decoration has been shown on three bottles. Golden embroidery works highlight the design of the pieces.

Also the technique might be considered as a demonstration of the 3R's (Reduce - Reuse - Recycle). The 3R's are the heart of the 'Go Green' global movement. Reducing the amount of waste produced is the best way to help save the environment.

The image below represents the comparison of the three shades of the bottle. Matching shades of blue & green with red, pink & green with blue and blue & red with green has also been used in each of them. 

The images below depicts the hanging system of the bottles. Two wires twisted around the neck of the bottle has been bent forming a reversed heart shape joining in a loop at the top, which in turn has been inserted into a small hook.

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