Saturday, July 28, 2012

Glass Painting Tips N Tricks #4: Leveling

Glass Colors are always liquid in nature. It is highly important to level the surface before the color is poured onto it. Otherwise the color will flow to the lower level of the surface forming a dark concentrated portion at that area. Though sometimes this mishap is a blessing; but not always.

Levelling can be obtained by either leveling the surface (table top or workspace) or leveling the glass itself. The former would be a more convenient method as you won't have to level the glass every time you ought to make a painting.

The best tool for leveling is a spirit level. But if you don't have one there are a few other easier techniques as well to achieve this.

  1. Place a flat-based container at the centre of the table. Pour water into it so that the water level is approximately 1cm down from the top edge of the container.
    Check if the water level is consistent throughout the circumference of the container and adjust accordingly.
  2. Take a round ball of relatively small size. Place it at each corner of the table. Observe the speed and the direction of the ball's movement.
    Adjust the height of the table legs accordingly until the ball moves equivalently from all the corners.
  3. The easiest way of all is to pour water directly into the table top at different area and adjust accordingly observing the direction of the flow.
    Though it is the most convenient method, yet it cannot be applied on wooden table tops.

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