Friday, July 20, 2012

Textures of Glass suitable for a Glass Painting

A piece of glass is the canvas for a Glass Artist.
Finalising the glass texture is one major decision in a Glass Painting project. 

There are a numerous textures of glass available worldwide. The same painting objected in each of these will differ widely in terms of reflection.

Discussed here are the three most widely available glass textures. All the suggestions made are indicative in nature.  

This glass is most widely available anywhere in the world. It is absolutely transparent in nature. Due to this property, clear glasses generate more reflection in a glass painting.

This glass is suggested for paintings that does not require much prominent liner decoration. 

Suggested Paintings for Clear Glass : Scenery, Landscape, Flowers, Animals/Birds, etc.

This is also a very common form of glass available worldwide. It is translucent in nature. Due to the dotted texture, the paintings on this glass gets more highlighted than the surroundings.

This glass is suggested for paintings that has more ornamental decoration.

Suggested Paintings for Pinhead Glass :  Figures of Gods, Goddesses & Women

This is somewhat a royal texture of glass . It is much more expensive as well as elegant than the other two listed. It is more translucent than a pinhead glass.

Suggested Paintings for Frosted Glass : Same as that of Pinhead Glass.

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