Monday, July 30, 2012

Glass Painting Tips N Tricks #6: Decoration

Decoration is defined as an addition that renders something more attractive or ornate.
A glass painting itself is considered as a piece of decor. Moreover there are also numerous ways to enhance its beauty.

Decoration of a glass painting can be done in many aspects; few of which are listed below :

  • Framing
    • After the painting is complete and fully dry, it might be framed with a designed fiber frame.
  • Background
    • Though for glass paintings it is highly recommended to keep the background clear; yet sometimes designed papers can be used as a background while framing.
    • Aluminium foil is a very common background texture for a glass painting due to its shinning nature. To increase the shinning effect, the foil can be creased before setting it in the background.
    • Various colored handmade papers can also be used as backgrounds for glass paintings.
  • Lighting
    • Due to its transparent nature, unlike other paintings, a glass painting seems to be brighter and even more attractive if lighted from the back.

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