Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glass Painting Tips N Tricks #5: Preparation

Preparation is defined as the action of making ready or being made ready for use. Preparation is necessary before every operation in life.
Preparation before creating a Glass Painting is equally necessary not only for achieving a better result but also obtaining a better satisfaction.

Preparing the Media for a Glass Painting
  • Removing stain from the glass
    • The easiest way is to wash the glass with soap and water. Dry it out with the help of either soft tissue or any cotton cloth.
      [N.B. Beware of cuts due to sharp edges of glass; if edges are not polished.]
    • If there is a stain that is more sticky or greasy, use thinner or spirit, available at any paint shop, with the help of a cotton swab to remove the stain.
  • Preparing Glass Colors & Liners
    • If colors from stock are being used, check whether each and every shade that will be required for the painting has got dried or got densed.
    • Densed colors can be diluted with water for water based colors and thinner for solvent based colors; if required.
    • Dried liners are of no use. Throw them away and fresh one from store.
  • Levelling the surface
    • This is also very important as the glass colors will flow to one side and get densed if the surface is not properly levelled.
    • For more on levelling, click HERE.

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